A Day With Integrated Control System

Compared with ordinary system, our smart home system does not only have the traditional function of living, but also provides comfortable and safe, high quality and pleasant family living space.

This system allows a home to turn into a tool which has dynamic wisdom, provide a full range of information exchange capabilities, help families to keep smooth exchange of information with the outside, optimize the way people living, help people arrange a time effectively, enhance the security of home life, and save money for a variety of energy cost.

0700Bed-room, a blank-new day

The pre-set function begins in the morning starting with playing a soft background music which slowly turns into a fast paced music to encourage users to get out of bed. The curtain will then gradually open allowing the sun-shine to go through the room, and a new day to start.

08 00 Leaving off for work

Before leaving the house, all the lights will close automatically. Electrical appliances will enter standby mode or directly shutdown its power supply. Curtains will close automatically and start safe mode/security mode later.

12 30 Company

During lunch break, you can control home electrical appliances and lighting through text messages (SMS), web server, smart phones or tablets. From time to time, users can also monitor the situation of home security using remote camera to check their home situation.

Check and control your security systems, CCTV and home appliances through web server or iLife application.

18 00 Way back home

On your way back home, you can send a text message (SMS) to switch on your appliances. For example, to automatically turn on the AC at a set temperature in a hot summer day to cool down your house temperature.

18 05 Garage Automation

At the time of arrival, you can easily have the garage’s door opened and lights to be turned on automatically by using RFID identity technology.
Once you have arrived at your home, you can also choose to disable the Security mode until you leave your house again.

18 35 Coming home scenes

Each family member has their own coming home settings through their personal identification. The scenes can also be individually tailored to suit each individual through different time and scene settings. Scenes can be adjusted in a form of light brightness, adjust color, the background music or open like TV program.

19 00 Dining-room, romantic experience

For the ultimate dining experience, you can choose to set different dining scenes in accordance to the type of event your family is holding. Settings such as romantic scenes to any fun party gathering setttings.

20 00 Activity room, it's designed by you

You can choose different scene settings according to your individual preference and needs. With a touch of a button, you can easily fulfill the desire/settings that you need. From Guest mode, Party, Meal, Rest, TV, Cinema, Multimedia, security mode, etc.

21 30 Bed-room, relax and go to sleep

Once it’s time to go back to your bedroom to rest, you can automatically alter the settings to suit your personal habits.
For example, reading a book before going to sleep, the reading mode scene will automatically close the curtains and a reading light will be turned on.

Control Everything from Anywhere

Nowadays, consumers look for comfort and simplicity. This concept, extended into the home and building automation field, means the ability to have full control of HDL-Bus Pro functions from the everyday devices that everybody has always on hand, like the smartphone or tablet

Universal Visualisation & Control Software

Control your entire home automation system and audio/video equipment from an user friendly interface. Everybody will enjoy the power of controlling all the functionalities within their house or business with the flick of just a few buttons.

Hospitality Solutions

Our systems are designed to deliver a solution for the individual needs of each hotel. Our 35 years of history and development team ensure our client’s needs are not only met but exceeded.

Guest rooms & devices
All guest rooms & devices can be
monitored in real time and efficiently
controlled without intruding on the
privacy of customers.

Security, threats & emergencies
All security, threats & emergencies can be detected immediately and can be integrated in one facility management system.


A pop up will instantly appear on your screen if a guest makes any service request which will ensure you to never miss guest’s request.



Avoid oversights.
In the concierge a notification pop-up will be received if a guest has a door open for an abnomally long time.



Using Hotel Guest Room Management Software, the hotel staff can focus on guest’s experiences and hotel necessities. Having all the control managed by user-friendly software from concierge, the whole hotel can be monitored remotely ensuring a hassle free operation.

In an emergency a quick response is essential. With the guest emergency switch, guest can immediately alert the concierge.

PMS Integration

Automatize all hotel procedures for your guests, enabling real-time reports, and guarantee maximum compatibility with the most popular property management systems.


Energy Consumption

We help hotels to save energy efficiently.
This benefits both the guests and saves energy resources by controlling different running modes without compromising the quality of your hotel’s services.

Energy consumption can be monitored in detail and energy costs decreased.

    Automatically turns off all the electrical appliances, lights and AC. This avoids forgotten devices that are still left on.
    AC, ventilation and multimedia systems can be programmed to create the desired atmosphere for special events or special time.
    The system will increase the room temperature during a certain period of time to achieve energy saving levels according to the hotel’s needs.
    The system will turn off the AC and other electrical appliances. However all devices, including lighting, AC and curtains, will return to their original status automaticaly when the guest comes back or puts the key in the door.
    During cleaning mode the AC is turned off as are all electrical appliances. The essential sockets that are utilised by hotel staff for cleaning remain active ensuring optimum energy savings.

Hotel Room Control Unit

The RCU is responsible for simplifying connections in complex installations. It serves as a bridge from the guest room to the concierge management station.

– All devices interconnected.

– Easy Scalability

– Simple Maintenance

In each guest room, the RCU ensures an independent, efficient, energy saving environment. In every RCU you will find the necessary electrical modules that connect the guest room features to the Guest Room Management software.

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More than 3 decades AGN have been a reliable partner to help illuminate dozens of hotels in Indonesia
More than 3 decades AGN have been a reliable partner to help illuminate dozens of apartments in Indonesia
More than 3 decades AGN have been a reliable partner to help illuminate dozens of offices in Indonesia
More than 3 decades AGN have been a reliable partner to help illuminate dozens of shoping mall in Indonesia

Who We Are

PT. Australindo Graha Nusa was established in 1980 as the pioneer to bring Clipsal products from Australia. We started our business in electrical accessories as the sole agent and has now developed into one of the largest electrical wiring devices and accessories company in Indonesia.

Together with Indonesia’s economic growth and the increasing development in the property industry, we are growing bigger and better. In order to best serve our client’s interests, we decided to establish our own electrical wiring devices and accessories brand, BOSS, in 2011.

BOSS offers a complete range of electrical products that include switches, sockets, PVC conduits, and circuit breakers. With over 1,000 employees and representatives in 18 areas in Southeast Asia, BOSS is manufactured locally in our 68,000 m2 manufacturing plant, allowing us to offer custom solutions as per request.

We have created a business culture & practices that not only retain valuable employees but also satisfy our clients, year after year. We specialize in integrated electrical solution for residential, architectural and commercial applications. We do not only sell electrical wiring devices and accessories but also integrate systems for each of our clients. We believe that this can only be realized with the collaboration between our clients, our partners & ourselves.

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To be Indonesia’s market leader in electrical wiring devices and accessories industry with emphasis on sustainable growth by building competence through people development, meaningful innovation, customer satisfaction, and efficiency.

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