With over 1,000 employees, BOSS is manufactured locally in our ISO 9001 certified plant that spans 68,000 m2 with 35 building blocks, allowing us to offer custom solutions as per request.


Globally adopted in virtually all industries  from manufacturers and service companies, to companies both large and small, multi-site multi-national organizations and single location businesses, ISO 9001 has become the most widely recognized Management System Standard.

Thermal CONDUCTIVITY Special closed-cell insulation guarantees low thermal conductivity and reduces the risk of condensation.

FRICTION LOSS Low levels of linear friction losses due to low number of flanges and limited surface roughness.

ENERGY SAVING Perfect thermal insulation and optimum airtight seal allow for maximum use of air handling unit capacity, increasing efficiency and reducing operating costs.

AIRTIGHT SEAL BOSS ducts are eight times more airtight than traditional ducts.

SAFETY BOSS ducts do not melt and drop and smokes from fire hazard have a reduced opacity and toxicity enhancing safety.

HYGIENE & AIR QUALITY The use of aluminium for the internal surfaces of ducts ensures hygiene and cleanliness. The problem of ageing of the insulation and consequent release of particles is non-existent.

LIGHT WEIGHT The very light weight allows a reduction of weight on supporting points, structures, labor costs and materials for the installation.

PRODUCTION FLEXIBILITY Manufacturing BOSSducts is easy to do in a work shop or directly at job site reducing transportation costs.

DURABILITY The outer aluminium coating coupled with the insulating material provides sturdiness, rigidity and good resistance to corrosion, erosion and deformation even in special applications.

Tools for Duct Installation


Aluminium die-casted cutter knife with specially designed ergonomic handle that allows precise 45o and 90o. Different handle colors are available for different angle cuts.

V Cutter Knife

Easy grip V cutter enables precise V cut and manouverability. Made from die-casted aluminum, and designed with slotted holes, replacing the blade is simple and quick. The correct blade length also permits V cut in the panels without marking the inferior aluminium foil.

Manual Bending Tools

Simple to use and portable, the manual bending tools can be easily used to make radius elbow and fittings in the work site.

Aluminium Ruler ( 1200mm & 4000mm)

Designed with a built-in locking mechanism, the aluminium ruler serves as both a guide for the cutter knife and to secure the panel in place on the work table.

WORK TABLE ( 4 x 1.2 m )

Specially designed tables for cutting and constructing duct panels, the table is overlayed with carpet to ensure ease of cutting and durability of the blade.

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